How Much Does A Missed Appointment Cost You?

Appointment Aid lets you effortlessly send phone, SMS, and email appointment reminders to your customers.

  • reduce no shows
  • save time
  • make more money
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With the help of Appointment Aid you can rescue appointments with easy automated reminders resulting in more money for your small business.

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Reduce Your No-Shows... Make More Money!

How much money are you losing monthly due to no-shows? Appointment based businesses often have no show rates of up to 15-20% and sometimes higher. If there was a way to turn even half of those no shows into paying customers, would you do it? Of course you would. By sending appointment reminders to your clients you can drastically reduce your no show rate, and with Appointment Aid you can automate the entire process.

You can effortlessly schedule phone, SMS, or email reminders to go out the day before your client's appointment. Your client can then respond to confirm or cancel their appointment. If your client confirms, great! You know they're coming. If your client cancels, now you have 24 hours to fill their appointment slot so you can still make money. Appointment Aid can easily pay for itself in saved appointments.

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Save Time & Save On Staff Costs...

Are you currently paying an employee to do appointment reminders for you? Or have you thought about how much it would cost? If you paid someone $12 and hour for 25 hours a week (very low estimate), it would cost over $1000 a month to pay that employee. If Appointment Aid could save you $1000 a month in staff costs, could you afford not to use it?

With Appointment Aid your appointment reminders can be scheduled in seconds. Set it and forget it, our computers do the rest of the work for you. Your customer gets reminded of their appointment, they confirm it, and they show up on time.

Start saving time and money today! Try Appointment Aid Free for 30 days. You can sign up in under a minute.

Your Data Stays Secure...

Data security is top priority for us. All of your data is encrypted, backed up daily, and hosted in secure facilities. Our datacenters are surrounded by razor wire fences and secured with biometric hand scan locks. The buildings are under constant surveillance 24/7.

Appointment Aid has off site backup servers in place and ready for any disaster that may occur at our main datacenter. Should anything happen to our main server, our backup servers are waiting and ready to be deployed using the latest backup data save.

Every action made on Appointment Aid is done over a secure SSL encrypted connection so you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure.

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