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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Appointment Aid respects your right to privacy and the data you submit is handled with care. This document’s purpose is to explain what information we collect and what we do with that information.

Information is collected from users of the Appointment Aid system. We collect information on the users of the system and the persons that the users schedule appointment reminders for.

Information We Collect From Appointment Aid Users:

We collect the following information about Appointment Aid users (our customers):

Payment Method Details: We collect your credit card number, security code, and expiration date to charge you for your use of Appointment Aid. However, we do not store this information. The information is immediately passed on to our service provider who charges credit cards on our behalf. All communications between You, us and our service provider happens under a secure encrypted connection to prevent any data theft or data leaks.

Personal Information: We record and store personal information about you. We store your name, your business name, your phone number, and other personal information for the purpose of providing customer support and operating the Appointment Aid service. Your business name is disclosed to the persons we contact on your behalf during the ordinary operations of our service. We record your email address for the purpose of providing you with support and allowing you to login to our service. We also contact you via email to send transactional emails as well as other emails in which you can opt out of. To opt out you can change your settings in the members area or email us at

Client Information: We record the names, appointment times, and contact information of your clients for the purpose of operating the Appointment Aid Service. We do not disclose your client information to anyone, with the following exceptions:

  1. We will disclose information following any order issued by competent legal authorities.
  2. We will disclose all personal information we have on file about a particular client to that client, their legal representatives, or their legal guardians, if they have proof of their identity to our satisfaction. We will also correct any information about them we have on file about them at their request.
  3. We use third-party providers to deliver SMS (Text) Messages, Phone calls, and emails to your clients. We give these third-party providers information about the reminders so that they can send them. They are contractually bound to us to treat your data securely.
  4. Our employees may see your information in the course of providing support or operating the service. Employees that see confidential data are kept to a minimum and are educated properly about their responsibilities in handling your data. These employees have confidentiality agreements with us.

Reminder Information:We offer our customers the option to write and or record their own custom reminders for their clients. If you chose to use this feature, we record and store any audio or textual input that you provide for use in your client’s reminders. You should never put confidential information in reminder messages. In regular operation of any phone, SMS, or email system the entire contents of your message could be seen by third-parties other than the client whom you expected it to be addressed to.

Website Technical Information: We use third party utilities to track use of this website. We do not attempt to tie this information to you personally, and these third-parties are not shared any sensitive data from your account or about your clients.

Information We Collect About People We Send Reminders To:

If you have received a reminder through the Appointment Aid system, it is because one of our paying customers has requested us to send you a reminder. This customer has represented to us that you requested a reminder or approved their request to remind you about an upcoming appointment. If you do not wish to receive appointment reminders from our system in the future, please send an email to We will ensure that our customers can no longer contact you through our Appointment Aid service. We will take the appropriate action against any customer of our found to be using our service to contact people in an unsolicited or annoying manner.

In order to send you an appointment reminder, we have to receive this information from our customer:

  • Your name
  • The Date and time of your appointment
  • Your contact details (Phone number and or email address)

This information is collected for the sole purpose of sending the appointment reminders. We keep this information indefinitely unless requested to remove you from our system. Please email with proof of your identity and we will remove your information immediately upon request.

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