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At Appointment Aid we understand how important security is in our business. Since we store customer's contact information it is extremely important that we keep it safe. We take all of the proper precautions and steps to keep all of your data secure. Some of the things we do are listed here:

  • All data transmitted between your computers and our computers is fully encrypted. We also encrypt all data sent to third party providers in which we have contracts with.
  • We do our best to stay up to date with new software updates on our servers. This includes security patches, general updates and more.
  • Our servers are physically protected by biometric hand scanning locks enclosed in secure buildings with 24 hour surveillance.
  • We back up your data off-site multiple times per day on other secure servers

We do more than just what is listed above to keep your data and our servers secure. If you have any security specific questions feel free to email us at Please understand that answers to some questions may not be provided in order to maintain our security.

If you feel that you have found a security breach or vulnerability in our service or on our website please let us know. We greatly appreciate all feedback and or notifications.

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